5 Ways To Identify A Good Aesthetic Surgeon

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You’ve made up your mind. You want to get a nose job/tummy tuck/implant/all of them. Either that or you’re ready to re-construct yourself after an injury or wound. Now that the all-important decision has been taken, you’ve got to find yourself the right man or woman for the job. Aesthetic surgeons aren’t difficult to find, but since you’re going to be entrusting rather vital parts of yourself to them, it’s wise to know you’re dealing with the best scalpel in town.

1 Certify It
Any licensed physician could call himself/herself an aesthetic surgeon, so it’s important to make sure s/he has been certified by the board. In America, for instance, surgeons certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons are known to have the least complications during surgery, and take the best care of their patients.

2 Record Breaker
Make sure your aesthetic surgeon has a record of successful surgeries to his/her credit. Track down the medical board of wherever you live. Talk to other doctors who know him/her and patients if you get the chance. You needn’t start stalking your surgeon, but it helps if you know your surgery is in good hands.

3 Q & A
A good surgeon will encourage you to ask questions, and answer them all with patience and knowledge. Ask about sedation, about recovery time and if you’re the right candidate for the surgery you want. Ask about the risks involved. That way, you’ll know more about what you’re going in for, and you’ll be able to make sure your surgeon knows too.

4 Hospital Privileges
It’s important that your surgeon is attached to a hospital. Hospitals perform regular checks on their doctors and will know exactly what’s going on in your surgery. Also, in case of a complication, you have a place to go, and backup medical aid at your disposal.

5 Rapport
A surgeon might have great credentials and plenty of experience, but in addition, you need to like and trust him/her. Make sure this is an aesthetic surgeon you can discuss any doubts with, and who will be honest with you. Like any other relationship, this makes for a good foundation between you and your surgeon.