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What Is Acne ?

face acne problems malaysiaThere are several myths and beliefs regarding the causes of acne. Well, however, in order to completely uproot such a distressing and stubbornly persistent skin disease, one must first understand the actual factors that trigger the growth of acne. This type of skin conditions mainly occur due to the plugging of hair follicles with oil or dead skin tissues. Though, it commonly crops up on face, however, sometimes it may also target other body parts including neck, chest, shoulders and back. These areas of your body contain high density of oil glands. In most of the cases, acne lesions take time to heal; while one begins to disappear, others come unexpectedly.

Apart from various physical issues like scarring and pain, acne may also cause severe emotional distress. Fortunately, nowadays, there are plenty of acne treatments available in Malaysia, . It is highly recommended that you opt for medical help in the initial stages, in order to avoid physical as well as emotional damages.

Common Symptoms Related to Acne Problem

Acne may take the following two forms:

Non-Inflammatory Lesions
Comedones (Koe-muh-doe-neez) can be defined as plugs clogging the skin pores. It can be broadly categorized into two different forms, viz. whiteheads and blackheads. Such clogged skin pores may result when the hair follicles openings get blocked with oil secretions, dead skin cells or even bacteria, in some cases. Blackheads are nothing but comedones, which are open at the skin surface, while the closed ones are known as whiteheads. Black because exposed sebum get oxidized and hardened.
Inflammatory Lesions
There are mainly four types of inflammatory acne lesions:
Papules : These are red and tender bumps raised on your skin, indicating infection in the hair follicles.
Pustules : This type of lesions are more commonly known as pimples. These red colored bumps contain pus at their tips and are generally painful.
Nodules : These are comparatively more painful as it occurs beneath the surface of your skin. This type of infection occurs due to the deposit of oil secretion along with dead cells deep within the hair follicles.
Cysts : These are pus filled lump formation under your skin surface and are considered to be the most painful acne form. Long lasting cysts may also results into severe scarring.

When Should You Opt for Medical Attention?

Although, in most of the cases, acne is considered to be a minor skin issue, however, bad acne rashes malaysiaif it persists for a long period of time, one must consult a dermatologist, in order to avoid serious skin damages like scarring, inflammation etc. Not only this, but such persistent skin problems can also affect your self esteem, which in turn may get reflected in your relationships. Well, in order to avoid this kind of situations, it is always better to go for medical help as soon as possible.

Factors Triggering Formation of Acne

Three major factors, which contribute in the formation of acne include:

Excessive production of sebum
Irregular and excess shedding of dead skin tissues
Formation of bacterial growth in the hair follicles

Hair follicles are connected to functional oil glands, known as sebaceous. These glands secrete sebum, an oily substance that travels up along your hair shaft onto the skin surface and helps in lubricating your hair and skin. However, in case of excessive production of sebum and dead skin tissues, the two can form deposits in the hair follicles, resulting into a soft plug, thereby creating a perfect environment for various bacterial organisms to thrive in. Such plugs may either bulge out to form whiteheads or may open to the skin surface, causing blackheads. Skin pores that are openings for sweat glands are not involved in acne problems.

Factors Aggravating Acne Problems

If you are already suffering from acne problems, you must take proper care, so that existing acne are not aggravated. Here are certain factors that may worsen your skin condition:

Androgen is the hormone, which causes the sebaceous oil glands to enlarge, thereby triggering them to produce more and more sebum. This particular hormone is present in both boys and girls and significantly increases during puberty. Hormonal changes due to the intake of contraceptive pills or during pregnancy can also affect the production of sebum in your body. Apart from this, certain medicines containing corticosteroids, lithium or androgen can also be responsible for acne problems.
According to various studies, it is unveiled that foods rich in carbohydrates like bagels, bread and chips along with various dairy products may trigger the formation of acne.
Well, though dirt isn’t really responsible for acne formations, however, it is important to keep your skin clean all the time. But you must always use mild soaps and cleansers on your skin. Too much scrubbing and harsh chemicals can even worsen your skin conditions.

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