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What Are Birthmarks?

In Malaysia, it is estimated that one third of all the newborns come with birthmarks. Some of these go away with time while other will persist “long term”. Some birthmarks can cause trauma especially if they occur in openly visible places. It is not really clearly known how this exactly happens but doctors suggest that these marks from inherited genetics and environmental effects due to exposure during the term of pregnancy. Many people look to get rid of these marks that come in different colors shapes and types. Doctors have categorized these marks in two main groups namely; the Red birthmarks which are caused by blood vessels welling up close to the skin and the pigmented birthmarks caused by a buildup of color pigments to the top of the skin.


Different Types of Birthmarks

There are different types of the red birthmarks including the macular stains also known as the ‘angel’s kisses’ and the Hemangiomas which constitutes of blood vessels being seen near the skin surface causing a bright red patch. These disappear and can also be treated. There are also Port wine stains that loom pink or purple and appear around the legs, face and eyelids and will bleed easily is damaged. The pigmented birth marks include the Mongolian spots and the moles.

More about Birthmarks

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