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What Is Face Shaping?

Face Shaping MalaysiaThe shape of our face changes over time as we age. This change in facial contour is a natural process, which happens over time. However, sometimes, the facial changes can occur prematurely due to numerous reasons and in such scenarios, it is important to opt for effective treatment options for this condition. When we are young, our face shape resembles the shape of a pyramid with curved features. In time, the support from the bone decreases and the muscle tension decreases as well. Eventually, the shape of our face changes to a reverse pyramid shape. In order to reverse this process there are numerous treatments available at aesthetic clinics in Malaysia.

Factors Responsible for Premature Changes in Facial Form

The shape of our face is not only determined by the bone structure or the muscle strength but it is also dependent on the skin, numerous glands and even fat. Facial changes can occur if any of these aspects of the body undergoes change. Enlarged masseter muscle can cause a particular type of facial contour called the “bottom heavy” face. These types of facial conditions can happen to any individual at any age. Therefore, it is recommended to look for aesthetic treatment options for such facial conditions at reputable clinics.

The face of a young healthy person resembles the heart shape and has soft boarders. However, young people too can have irregular or unwanted facial shape because the shape of the face also depends on the body weight, which a person might gain or lose over time. Rapid weight loss can cause the cheeks of an individual deflate and give it an aged look.

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