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What Are Keloids?

Keloids is defined as an overgrowth of skin tissues, mainly resulting from scars after skin injury. This type of scars can form either through surgical incisions or any wound on the skin. It is generally characterized by flesh-colored scars bulging out of your skin. This excessive production of the scarred skin tissues, if not treated at the right point of time, may result in permanent skin damage. There are various medical procedures available in the market, which can effectively remove such overgrown bunch of cells. However, you should be very careful, while opting for any surgical method. Also, it is important that you consult a good dermatologist, before you undergo any type of scar revision surgeries.

Unfortunately, the exact cause of this skin disorder is still unknown. However, according to skin specialists, the disability of the body to control cell proliferation may lead to the formation of keloids. It is also described as a medical condition, where the body loses its ability to heal or repair damaged skin tissues, resulting into abnormal growth of scarred cells. Moreover, some reports suggest that this skin problem can be hereditary in nature, as well.

More About Keloids

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