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What Is Pigmentation

Pigmentation refers to a condition when the skin shows the unwanted blackening (hyper-pigmentation) or whitening (hypo-pigmentation). The main reasons for this condition of skin are due to chemical substance, exposure to UV Rays, lack of sleep, medication, or hormonal imbalance and deficiencies of vitamin A and C with lack of essential fatty acid in the body. Moreover excess of this problem is a common problem which can lead to depression and mental torture as well. The good news: there is a very efficient aesthetic treatment for skin spots and skin problem.

The root cause for this skin problem is melanin. Melanin is developed by epidermal cell and the amount, which varies between each individual, determines the color of the skin. Moreover, melanin is set off by a catalyst called tyrosinase, which is responsible for color of our eyes, hair and skin.

Other Causes of Pigmentation

    Excess exposure to the sunlight
    Allergic reaction from certain cosmetics.
    Instability of hormones in the body
    Reaction from certain medicines

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