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What Are Pores

Face Pores MalaysiaThe body of a human adult has an average of about 5 million hairs on them. Each of these hairs has a hair follicle that is housed inside a pore. This in fact means that you may have more than 5 million pores on your body. Each pore houses a sebaceous gland that provides a gateway for sebum, otherwise known as natural oil, to reach your skin and hair and provide the moisture.

The genetic makeup of a person determines the size of their sebaceous gland, hair follicle and by extension, the size of each pore. However, science is increasingly playing a role in reducing the undesirable effects of our natural makeup. A pore can at times become clogged due to a variety of causes. It is usually clogged with dead skin and sebum. When a pore is clogged it becomes stretched and more conspicuous on the skin.

2 Types of Pores
    Hair follicles and sebaceous gland opening into hair follicles
    Sweat glands openings. very fine compared to the above.

Causes That Trigger the Onset of This Condition

One of the main causes that usually trigger such a condition is poor hygiene. Poor hygiene leaves a lot of dead skin, natural oil and even dirt on the skin surface. This clogs up the pores and makes them look bigger than they ought to.

It has also been noted that old age also contributes to this condition. Old age naturally leaves a lot of dead skin cells on the aging person without a correspondingly high number of new skin cells. The end result is clogging and as such the condition manifests itself in the aging person.

Other notable causes that trigger it include smoking and excessive exposure to the sun.


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