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What is Redness

Redness can be embarrassing when it affects personal traits like pride or looks. The condition is  common, particularly among adults and has been given adequate medical attention in areas such as research and treatment. Although it mainly affects the cheekbones, chin, and forehead, the condition can also appear on the face, particularly around the nose. For that reason, understanding what exactly brings about the condition is important.

Several capillaries near the skin surface are dilated, eventually resulting in blotched portions with tiny bumps and sometimes, pimples. The common effect is normally a pale appearance on the face and this could persist for several years. While the condition can appear and then disappear, it ultimately can have long-lasting effects. The discomfort can resemble that of acne but while it appears to be more persistent, whiteheads and blackheads may also occur.

The underlying causes of redness are unspecific, although some factors are said to worsen the condition, including excessive alcohol consumption and exposure to sunlight and wind. Exposure to excessive temperatures, and hormonal factors especially among women, and intake of oral contraceptives can also aggravate the condition. Although the rate of development is more in females, males can also be affected by this condition, especially during old age.

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