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What Is Sagging Skin

Certain skin-damaging factors, such as: exposure to sun rays, pollution or ageing, are unavoidable. There is no way to escape from these ravaging conditions, which the skin is subject to day-to-day. Sagging skin is one such major skin disorder that people throughout the world are dealing with. Well, the good news is that with proper aesthetic medicines and right kind of skin treatment, one can now get rid of those unwanted creases on one’s skin. However, before one opt for any of these solutions, one need to identify the root causes responsible for the sagging skin.

Sun exposure is one of the major causes. A prolonged exposure to these harmful radiations may drastically affect the skin cells. It breaks down the elastin and collagen present in the skin tissues, thereby resulting in wrinkles.  Preventive measures should be taken from the harmful exposure to sun rays.

Other causes are : substantial amount of weight loss within a short period of time and rubbing the skin in an improper manner.Ageing as a natural factor is quite inevitable.

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