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What Are Wrinkle Lines?

One thing we have to accept and appreciate about life is that we all age and that’s the fact of life. But with age does the wrinkle really have to come? The ugly side of all this is that wrinkles are inevitable and many Malaysian women are troubled with the growth of wrinkle lines on their face as they age.

Why do we get Wrinkles?

As we grow old, the skin naturally begins to get thinner and there is slower formation of new skin cells. As a result we begin to lose the volume of the skin on the face. This is due to the loss of the actual bone mass, losing the subcutaneous fat and the dermis layer getting thinner.

In order to understand what this means just take a look at a young face. You will realize that beside the face lacking wrinkles (rhytids), the younger face looks round and voluminous; the chin is more prominent, lips are full and everted, cheek bones are well delineated and the nasolabial folds are full. However as we get older the mass in these area is lost; leading to the growth of wrinkles and sagging skin.

There are some factors which accelerate the growth of wrinkles in Malaysian women. Factors such as smoking, inadequate hydration, hormonal changes and damaging exposures to sunlight, largely promote the growth of wrinkle lines on the face. One therefore needs to review their lifestyle and limit exposure to such factors if they want to minimize the wrinkles.

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