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What It Is ?

With AQUAMID, you look and Feel naturally beautiful. Old Aesthetic corrections were hard and often felt artificial. Aquamid being bio compatible with high water content feels soft to the touch. Only share your beauty secrets when you choose to! This is a revolution in aesthetics. Aquamid enhances and perfects your appearance, shaping your face and adding volume where desired. Youthful vibrancy is restored, wrinkles removed. Beyond just anti-aging, Aquamid enhances beauty wherever needed. Whether its high cheekbones, fuller lips, or the nose of your dreams. A soft and natural you will definitely debut a new and better you.

Why Is It Effective ?

Aquamid puts nature on your side by harnessing the secret of nature and injecting it under the skin in a way that does not upset your body’s harmony. Using a hydro gel that is over 97% water it integrates safely and naturally. With Aquamid your physician is able to adjust injections with precision and accuracy. Aquamid is free from problems like tissue hardening commonly found with other filler solutions. This natural approach offers the smart and beautiful future of aesthetic corrections.

What To Expect ?

Is Aquamid Safe
This product itself is inherently safe and effective.
What areas can be treated with Aquamid?
Enhancing cheek bones, smoothing wrinkles and folds, making lips fuller. These are just some aesthetic areas Aquamid can address. Discuss the direction you would like to take with your cosmetic physician, plastic surgeons or dermatologist.
How long does Aquamid last?
Aquamid’s beautiful results last for years. Over 90% of patients are still satisfied at their fifth year’s follow up.
Are Auqamid treatments safe?
Yes,with over 400,000 treatments given in a span of seven years Aquamid has been shown to be safe. This track record is in addition to five year long clinical trials held all over Europe. They returned confirming both Aquamid’s safety and the resounding satisfaction of patients. This satisfaction was in both the short and long terms.
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