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Synonyms for Brow Lift: coronal brow lift, forehead lift, eyebrow rejuvenation

The main results of
aging include lines and wrinkles between the eyes and across the forehead. Skin and soft tissues lose their elastic properties and because of that the distance between the eyelashes and the eyebrows becomes shorter. The result of this process is disgruntled, tired and aged look of a person, mainly because of the deep creases and low eyebrows. This problem can be solved by folding skin that usually forms between the eyelid and eyebrow in the corner area of the eye.

There are three main surgical methods that are used for brow lift. The surgeon can hide the incision by using any of these methods.

Coronal Brow Lift

The first step is to make an incision in the hairline through the top area of the head from one ear to another. The surgeon uses this procedure to lift the forehead into a brand new position. This way the scalp in the front area overlaps the scalp that is behind it. The scalp that is overlapping is removed by the surgeon. The remaining scalp is sewn together. In order to avoid the horizontal forehead lines, some of the forehead muscles need to be weakened.
Therefore, this procedure is commonly followed by a feeling of temporary numbness or itching in the top area of the head.

Endoscopic Brow Lift
Endoscope has a small camera mounted at its end and this helps the surgeon to make 4 to 6 small incisions and behind the hairline area and then move the skin on the head back. Some of the surgeons use small screws that are put into the skull bone to support the skin until it completely heals. Stitches can also be used along with the screws to fix the skin in its new position.
Hairline Brow Lift
If a person has a hairline that is receding, it is necessary to do the hairline brow lift. In this case, an incision is made between the beginning of the hairline and the top of the forehead. The skin is removed but the hairline is not pulled during the procedure. Horizontal creases can be significantly improved by using this method. During the healing process, a scar can be seen near the hairline. Those people who wear bang benefit the most from this procedure.

Why ?

Malaysian people who are looking for a cosmetic treatment with anti-aging effects should consider Brow Lift as one of the operations that can correct the sagging in upper eyelids, eyebrows and forehead skin.

The process of rising of the forehead skin can remove the excess tissue and alter the properties of the muscles. After the operation, the facial lines become softer and it improves many aspects of personal appearance. A forehead lift can be combined with other facial procedures or done individually.

What To Expect ?

Which Procedure Is Right For You
Each of these methods has advantages and disadvantages. You need to consult with your cosmetic surgeon and decide what procedure will be suitable for you.
Can A Brow Lift Reduce The Bulging, Puffiness and Crow's Feet
A brow lift will not reduce the bulging, puffiness and crow’s feet that can occur in the lower or upper eyelids. Some people have expressive faces and in that case some of the horizontal lines might return after a period of time. Brow lift can be combined with a face lift or eyelid surgery in order to alleviate the visible ageing sign.
Conditions Usually Associated To Brow Lift
Here are some of the conditions that are usually associated to brow lift:


Is It Normal To Have Bruising & Swelling After The Procedure ?
It is common to observe bruising and swelling for several weeks after the procedure.
Other Interesting Facts
Coronal brow lifts can cause permanent or temporary numbness in the top area of the scalp. This problem can be alleviated by using endoscopic lift procedure. Only one percent of the patients can experience the paralysis of the forehead because of nerve damage.

After the surgery, the position of one brow might look higher that the other. This is usually because there was already some asymmetry before the surgical procedure.