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Cheek Augmentation is a cosmetic-surgical procedure which is intended to or is aimed at emphasizing the cheeks on someone’s face. There are many people who consider full-cheeks as very attractive while weak cheeks on the other hand can create an aged kind of appearance especially under the eye area.


Cheek Augmentation MalaysiaCheek augmentation can be used to restore your cheeks fullness if the fullness was lost due to aging. It can also create an appearance of attractive strong cheekbones if you’ve never had them before. You can also get a Cheek augmentation if you’ve lost much volume-in the malar-area which is associated-with aging. If  you’ve always had flat cheek bones but you desire a fuller cheekbones then you are a suitable candidate for aesthetic-cheek surgery. Also if you have ever used temporary soft-tissue cheek-fillers in the-past but now desire a permanent solution. All patients seeking a cheek augmentation in Malaysia must be of good-health and with a perfectly normally functioning body immune system.

Aesthetic-cheek surgery can be done or performed stand alone, or in a combination with some other surgical procedures. Different sizes and shapes of cheek-implants are available-to-match your specific anatomy and provide you with the desired change. You can seek Cheek augmentation in Malaysia as a permanent-way to achieve attractive full cheeks unlike the temporary fillers. This procedure can easily be performed while still having other facial-surgery. Multiple cheek-implants can be done till you achieve your much desired-look.

What To Expect?

There might be a sensational change to your cheeks which is usually temporarily but can be permanently changed depending on the implants.Cheek-implants may become shifted, especially during the early-stages after having the surgery. You need to avoid all contact sports till you’ve fully recovered.In case the cheek-implants somehow get infected, removal will be necessary in order to clear and avoid any infection.

The normal recovery process normally depends on the kind of surgical procedure used. In general, after having a cheek augmentation surgery alone, you can normally be active just a day after the surgery though your upper-lip will be ‘asleep’ just like from visit to the dentist. This upper lip sensation will return overnight and your cheek may have mild swelling and sore. Some prescriptions for pain and antibiotics can be provided to you while you maintain light activities. You also need to keep your head slightly elevated as it helps the swelling to resolve much faster. In case your cheek-augmentation was done through the mouth, you’ll be restricted to a much softer diet for some days till you fully heal. You need to rinse your teeth/mouth after having a meal or eating in order to keep sutures clean. The sutures will eventually dissolve after some weeks.

Aesthetic cheek surgery is not considered as a painful surgery by most patients. There is usually a period of cheeks tightness which is associated with increased volume following the cheek-implants. You can get pain medications in the many clinics in Malaysia after a Cheek-augmentation which you can use for a few-days as you recover.

If the intra-oral approach were used for cheek augmentation, there will be no visible external scars present. If the eyelid-approach was used, some scars will be visible under the eyelash-margin. Finding a reputable aesthetic clinic to perform a Cheek Augmentation in Malaysia is rather easy nowadays, you just need to take your time and find that clinic that will meet your specific needs.