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Chemical peeling is one of the most preferred ways of improving the skin appearance in Malaysia. This treatment is performed on hands, face and neck. This procedure involves the application of a chemical solution on the skin to makes it “blister” hence peel off eventually. After the peel off, the newly regenerated skin is less wrinkled and smoother. Though, unlike the old skin, regenerated skin is more sensitive to the sun but for a temporary time span. For the last 50 years, dermatological surgeons in Malaysia have tried several peeling agents and are experienced in performing the different varieties of chemical peels. Before a chemical peel treatment is performed, dermatological surgeons at our clinic do a thorough evaluation and tests on skin to avoid possible reactions.



Chemical peeling is beneficial and widely used for the cure of fine lines around the mouth and under the eyes. This procedure can effectively reduce or eliminate wrinkles that are as a result of aging, sun damage or other genetic factors. Note that this treatment will not be very effective on severe cases of wrinkles, sags and bulges. For such scenarios, cosmetic surgical procedures can be the only solution which includes brow lift, soft-tissue filler and face-lift.

Certain categories of acne can be effectively treated with chemical peels at our clinic. Chemical peeling can also improve skin texture distortion that resulted from freckles, sun spots, splotching (due to consumption of birth control pills), age spots, dull skin texture and color. Dermabrasion and laser resurfacing can be combined with Chemical Peeling to achieve better skin restoration that will suit the requirements of individual patient. After chemical peeling, scaling patches and sun damaged areas are likely to improve. After this treatment, patches or new lesions have less chances of appearing. In general, patients who are fair skinned and light-haired bear excellent results after chemical peel. Darker skinned patients can also experience satisfactory results depending on skin problems that are encountered.


What To Expect

Reactions resembling sunburns do occur after the chemical treatment, this is dependent on the peel type. Skin surface peeling results in redness, accompanied by scaling but this only lasts for a period of 3-7 days. For medium-depth and deep peels, swelling occurs with presence of water filled blisters that may eventually crust, break or turn brown and peel off within 7-14 days. As a result of the skin surface breaches, bandages can be placed on parts of the skin that were treated. The bandages are removed after several days to improve treatment effectiveness. After the chemical peel treatment, one should avoid exposing themselves to too much sun as the newly formed skin is very tender. Our dermatologist in Malaysia will prescribe an effective follow-up care to avoid chances of abnormal / weird skin color after peeling.