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What It Is

Turn back the hands of the clock and make yourself look young again. The wonders of Happy Lift is that there are no evidence of scarring and no healing period required.

This is the promise behind Happy Lift, a revolutionary new facial rejuvenating procedure. Unlike other face lift operations, Happy Lift produces instant results with minimal recovery time (you can even go home soon after the procedure) and its effects are evident as soon as you leave the doctor’s office.

What Is It Effective

The secret behind the magic of Happy Lift is its use of fiber threads, the same absorbable ones used to suture wounds. These threads, which have small hooks or cogs in them, are inserted underneath the skin of the face with a thin needle. The threads act as supporting structures for the skin, lifting and returning it to its original position. The effects of ageing and gravity are soon reduced to a minimum.

Why Choose Happy Lift

Happy Lift is considered as the safest facial lifting procedure. Side effects are trivial, temporary and people can undergo another operation within six weeks.

This is the perfect solution for people who want fast results but do not want the risks involved when going under the knife like in a normal facial lift procedure. Happy Lift is also relatively cheaper and can be performed on anyone from age 17 to 70. Consult with a physician first to check if you are fit for the procedure.

What To Expect

A Happy Lift session can last anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the size of the treatment area. Its applications include the correction of flabby facial skin, minimization of wrinkles, and treatment of skin ageing due to sunburn. After the session, the aesthetic corrections can be seen immediately. The results from a Happy Lift procedure can last about two to three years and is hugely dependent on a person’s habits, diet, and lifestyle.