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What It Is ?

The Restylane family of products include Restylane-L, Restylane, Perlane-L and Perlane can dramatically improve how your skin looks. These products can add volume and fullness to your skin by eliminating severe to moderate facial wrinkles and folds to give you the youthful look that you desire. It has gained public appeal due to it’s non-animal sourced hyaluronic acid. As of 2010, it has been reported that more than 11 million treatments have been executed worldwide.

Why Is It Effective?


Full correction involves the use of the right amount of Restylane to treat specific areas of your face to get optimum results.

    Generally, users are limited to 6.0 ml of Restylane per treatment.
    After your treatment, you are likely to experience some swelling, bruising, redness, pain and tenderness which normally last less than a week.

Majority of the patients who undergo a full correction treatment, experience positive results beyond their expectations.

Based on the survey results of 1,325 users who have received full corrective treatment with Restylane:

    92% claim that they will return to their Restylane physician.
    89% are satisfied with the results.
    92% will recommend their family and friends to use Restylane family of products.


Restylane Regimen procedure enhances the Restylane treatment so as to get better results. There are two stages involved in this treatment plan. The initial one is the full corrective treatment and the second one is the follow-up treatment. Usually, only half of the amount of Restylane used in the initial treatment is required in the follow-up treatment.

This procedure provides stunning long-lasting results where:

    Most of the patients, who have used Restylane Regimen, have showed dramatic facial improvement.
    More than 95% of patients have seen positive results that have lasted up to 18 months.

Restylane Regimen Treatment Procedure
    1st Step: Initial Treatment

Restylane eliminates the unwanted wrinkles and folds on your face and makes you look younger

    2nd Step: Follow-up Treatment

A follow-up treatment is required to maintain and further improve the effects of initial treatment.

    3rd Step: Contact us to Schedule for Next Follow-up Appointment

Discuss your expectations with your doctor


Perlane is the most effective drug in the Restylane family in treating wrinkles due to large size of its gel particles.

Is it effective enough?

Just like the rest of the Restylane Family of products, it has the ability to restore the volume and fullness of your skin; to eliminate severe to moderate wrinkles and folds. Additionally, three lab survey conducted shows that 63%, 71% and 75% of the patients have experienced positive results within six months with only one Perlane treatment.

How is Perlane different?

The difference between Perlane and the rest of the Restylane family of products are;

    It allows for deeper injections into the skin

    Its gel particles are larger than other Restylane products.

This makes it the best for eliminating wrinkles.

What To Expect?

Is there any discomfort involved during and after the treatment with these products?

Yes, there is some discomfort involved but this should not discourage you. Clinical studies indicate that the treatment experience with Perlane-L and Restylane-L causes only slight discomfort during and after the treatment when compared with Restylane or Perlane.

Here are the results from the clinical study:

    72% experienced less discomfort when treated with Restylane-L as opposed to Restylane.
    95% experienced less discomfort when treated with Perlane-L as opposed Perlane.
    Participants experienced less discomfort an hour after the treatment.

People with bleeding disorder or allergic to lidocaine should avoid using these products. You should also postpone the use of the Restylane family of products if you are having skin sores, rashes, pimples, cysts, hives or any other kind of skin infection. Using these products in such a state will delay the healing process or even worsen your skin condition.

Treatment with any of these products generally takes less than an hour, although treatment times may vary from one individual to another.

    First, discuss about various options with your doctor so that you are comfortable before the procedure begins.
    The doctor in-charge will prepare and cleanse the area(s) to be treated.
    The appropriate Restylane product is injected into the areas being treated using a fine needle.

The Do’s and Don’ts

Before Treatment:
    Do not use aspirin, nonsteroidal medications or Vitamin E supplements because they may increase bleeding and bruising at the injection site.

    Consult our doctors if you have suffered from facial cold sores in the past; the doctor will advice on what to do.

    Give our doctors your full medical history. This will help them to determine whether you are fit to undergo the procedure.

    Pregnant lady, women who are breastfeeding and those under 18 are not advised to use the Restylane family of products.

After Treatment:
    Use cold compresses to ease swelling.
    Do not touch the treated areas for at least six hours after treatment, to avoid accidental injuries on these areas.
    Gently wash the treated area with soap and water after six hours of treatment.
    Do not expose the treated area to intense heat
    Consult our doctors to give you medication to reduce the recurrence of facial cold sores as a result of needle punctures.
    If the side effects last for more than 14 days, contact our healthcare professionals.

If you need to improve the look on your face by removing scars, wrinkles and other blemishes, visit our website to get more information on how to accomplish this. If have decided to undergo treatment with the Restylane family of products, you can schedule a free consultation with our doctor via our service team. This will help you learn more about the products and determine if the procedure suits you. This product has been used in more than 65 countries globally by more than 10 million people to successfully treat their skin conditions. These statistics indicate that, Restylane family of products are effective in treating the skin conditions and are trusted by users globally.