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What It Is

Scars can be caused by several reasons : skin ailments like acne, chicken pox or even stretch marks are common. They can be caused by accidents and fires among other reasons, resulting in long term damage and complications; not to mention the blow it can be to your self-esteem. There are numerous medical reasons that can result in the scarring of skin. Technology has come a long way today and there are several ways in which one can deal with scar removal in Malaysia.  Laser based technology is preferred internationally because it works on a large number of skins and carries a minimal risk with it.

Scars can be treated with Fractionated Lasers. This works much the same way as chemical peels and laser resurfacing does. The advantage here is that the process is less invasive, has almost no risk factor and does not involve any sort of discomfort, during the process. It also does not have a long healing period. Traditional forms of resurfacing also get rid of good skin around the affected area, so healing recovery will have to start  from scratch. Fractional laser works only on the parts that need to be corrected.

Why Remove Scars

Scar removal is a common procedure in Malaysia and is carried out on a daily basis by professionals. It is done to remove the unsightly lesion and allow for fresh scar that is unblemished. Such improvements are done primarily for cosmetic reasons. It is also an important procedure in treatment in extreme cases of scarring due to accidents and fires.

Why To Exoect

Fractionated (Fraxel) Lasers
>Here is how the process works – an invisible laser beam is passed through the epidermal  layer of skin on the outside. This laser beam is around the breadth of a human hair at around 100 millionths of inch in terms of diameter. The beam goes through your skin and creates a wound on the collagen underneath. Collagen is essentially what gives your skin elasticity and good health. When this happens, the cells surrounding it swoop in to heal the small wound. Each time you have the treatment done, such small wounds are created and then healed. The surrounding skin remains unaffected and your skin heals quickly. Once the process is done, additional touch ups with collagen remodeling and tightening take place.

Each sitting is around 30 minutes and the laser is shoot uniformly on the affected area. Soon after the treatment, your skin is cooled with ice packs. You will feel the anesthetic wearing off and may feel a little sun burnt for a while. Cold compresses help relieve this discomfort. Keeping the affected area elevated later in the day will bring down any swelling that occurs. A week or so after the treatment you may find your skin turning dry and red. This will wear off with time. You must avoid any sort of cream that may act as an irritant to the skin. You will be given specific kinds of moisturizers and sunscreens for use. You will be told to use petroleum jelly on the affected areas and this will be for a week’s time to facilitate healing.

There will always be a small risk factor involved, depending on the severity of your case you will be told what to expect. Such kind of fractional laser treatment is the latest and least obtrusive of scar removal treatments and they can truly change your life.