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What It Is

What may look cool ten years ago might seem preposterous now that you are mature enough to differentiate art from trash. In Malaysia, for instance, some people in the apathy of their youth get inked for the wrong reasons. The sad part is that it’s there and there is no turning back. To some, it may be something they can live with but to others, it might not be fitting to their current profession or lifestyle; requiring its removal. As a licensed aesthetic clinic in Malaysia, we can positively affirm that you can now celebrate with glee as we bring a highly innovative laser tattoo removal technique to ease the removal of those unwanted scribbles on your skin.

Laser Tattoo Removal makes use of intense light beams, or Q-switched lasers; to penetrate your unwanted tattoo and break down its colored pigmentation. Once your immune system kicks in, the ink will then be absorbed by your body excreted through your anatomical waste disposal system. Pain of the procedure can vary depending on the size and elaborateness of a tattoo. To lessen the pain, a local anesthetic will be applied to the area before the procedure. For tattoos that are nearest to the eye area, the need to wear protective goggles is essential to prevent overexposure of the retina to laser beams during the removal process.

Why Laser Tattoo Removal

The use of lasers has become so popular and efficient in treating skin problems. Our aesthetic clinic in Malaysia are experienced in using lasers to remove blemishes, wrinkles, and dark spots apart from erasing unwanted tattoos. It is our passion to free your skin from imperfections.

Laser tattoo removal is widely considered by discerning people who want to get rid of their tattoos for the first time in a safe, fast and efficient manner, due to its minimal scarring and less instances of infection. In Malaysia, removal of tattoos through laser is quite high among patients whose previous techniques used are home-made remedies. Procedure done by fly-by-night clinics can also produce horrendous scarring or botched jobs and one way to clear this is through my use of pulsating light beams like lasers.

Keep in mind though that results can vary depending on skin types, immune system capabilities and underlying conditions. Black or dark tattoos are easily removed especially on pale skins but brown or darker skin tones might take some time. We would strongly ask for your honesty in informing the clinic if you have certain conditions like formation of keloids or so-called hypertrophic scars as well as diabetes and other auto-immune disorders on our initial consultation to ensure your safety and success of the procedure.

What To Expect

Results, Pros and Cons
With the clinics tried-and-tested service in the realm of aesthetic science, laser tattoo removal has been a top procedure on our list. But like any procedure out there, there will always be advantages as well as drawbacks to the procedure. Some of the notable advantages include:
    efficiently get rid of dark tattoos in minimal time
    minimal pain sensation during and after procedure
    reduced visibility of scars
    low risk of infection
    less rigid after-care

Though proven effective and widely popular, certain restrictions have put this treatment at a disadvantage with the following conditions:

    >big tattoos covering large area of the body
    certain restrictions on ink used and age of the tattoo
    return treatment vary according to patient

Important Considerations

For sound results, we strongly recommend that you exercise meticulousness in choosing your clinic. Make sure that the one you prefer has experienced and licensed aesthetic doctor to perform the procedure. Every clinic in Malaysia can have laser tattoo removal on their menu but not everyone has the expertise in performing . Our aesthetic clinic’s track record in performing efficient pre- and post-operative care in laser tattoo removal can speak for itself. Feel free to email or call us for an initial consultation.